Ways to Reduce Air Pollution

  • CONSERVE ELECTRICITY. Remember to turn off lights and any electronic  appliances when you’re not using them- Though it may seem like a good idea to keep your computer on for later use, it uses electricity, causing air pollution.kari-shea-237489
  • Use ENERGY EFFICIENT lights and appliances.
  • LESS DRIVING. Walk, bike, or use public transportation. If you insist on driving, make sure your car is on full maintenance and use eco-friendly fuel.
  • DON’T SPILL GAS–  be careful while filling up your car.
  • ONLY RUN WHEN THEY’RE FULL– turn on washing machines when they’re full.
  • SEAL CONTAINERS of household cleaners, workshop chemicals and solvents, and garden chemicals to prevent volatile organic compounds from evaporating into the air.low-voc
  • Use water-based or solvent free paints whenever possible and buy products that say “LOW VOC“.


Photos by veeterzy and Kari Shea on Unsplash


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