7 Things You Can Do to Save the Rainforests

Tropical rain forests are rich with plants and animals — some that few people have ever seen. Rain forest plants include many of the things we eat. Can you imagine life without chocolate, sugar, or bananas? Cinnamon, vanilla, and many other spices come from rain forests, too. Follow these easy things so we can save the rainforest :

  1. Just say no to deforestation! Palm oil, found in half of all processed foods, and many common household products is a key contributor to rainforest deforestation! Read your food and product labels carefully and refuse to buy products with palm oil.
  2. Buy responsibily sourced products! Avoiding guitars, furniture and other products made from threatened rainforest woods like: Mahogany, Rosewood and Ebony is a great start, but avoiding all tropical hardwoods is even better!  Learn more about logging and mining and their effects on our rainforests!
  3. Use Bitseeds! BitSeeds are radically new way to fund rainforest protection. BitSeeds are a digital currency like Bitcoin with one important difference: every BitSeed that you make, save or spend helps the Rainforest Foundation! By making or “mining”, purchasing, or spending BitSeeds you help us fund programs that protect the rainforest around the world.
  4. Support indiginenous communities! Buying ethically sourced indigenous crafts, fair trade products, or visiting communities responsibly are both fun and effective ways to help the rainforest. They give you an opportunity to learn about new cultures, provide much needed income, and help the world learn about indigenous communities of the rainforest.
  5. Create a habitat for migrating animals! Many birds migrate to Kuwait each year. Whether you have a backyard, balcony or window sill, you can help migrating birds on their way home. It’s easy and fun! Just  plant native plants, bird and insect attracting flowers, or even just hang up a bird bath or bird house.  All of these help migrating birds make it to the rainforests of Central and South America.  By giving them food water and shelter or even just giving the insects they eat a little room to thrive you help the amazing migrations that our winged friends make every year.
  6. Make a donation! Make sure the next generation of Rainforest Defenders has something to protect! Our Rainforests are disappearing at an alarming rate but there is a solution that works. Make sure those who have always protected our forests can continue to do so. Indigenous communities have a long track record of successfully protecting the rainforest. Satellite images and drone footage now prove it is true the best protected rainforests aren’t part national parks, private land or owned by the state, they are lands owned collectively by indigenous communities.
  7. Reduce you footprint! We are all connected: the Rainforest doesn’t just protect us from climate change, climate change puts our rainforests at risk! So consider reducing your dependence on oil and just consuming less. There are lots of easy ways to get started: limit new purchases, bike to school or to work, set your thermostat a couple of degrees lower in the winter, add solar panels to the roof of your home, eat locally-produced foods by shopping at farmers markets, recycle, look for wind or solar powered electricity providers and make the switch!

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