5 Reasons to BYOB

BYOB doesn’t only mean “bring your own bottle”, it can also mean “bring your own bag”, and here’s why.

Almost all grocery stores in Kuwait, no matter how big or small, offer you free plastic bags, even though they shouldn’t. As you know, plastic bags are not too great for the environment, so here are 5 reasons you should BYOB.


  1. It’s better for the environment

    Plastic bags end up everywhere, from landfills to oceans to the middle of the street, floating around for no necessary reason, and we should prevent that! Plastic bags we use in our everyday lives take from 10 to 1000 years to decompose in landfills, or even worse, end up in some poor animal’s stomach killing it. Thousands of square marine pollutionkilometers of land get covered in waste including plastic bags each year, and over 100,000 marine animals die because of plastic bags each year. If you’re not convinced about the other reasons to BYOB, this reason alone is enough.

2. Easy activism


If you choose totes with a message, you can be a walking billboard for your cause, like stopping marine pollution or reducing plastic bag usage.

3. Sturdy transport for precious cargo

It’s obvious that a canvas tote or paper bag is sturdier than the lousy plastic ones they give you at the store, and can carry way more than a plastic bag. Besides, you’ll also be making sure your jar of organic marmalade doesn’t end up on the parking lot because of some flimsy plastic bag.

4. Keep the clutter down



Back when I used to use plastic bags, I always tended to havePlastic bags this storage dilemma for them. They would pile up under my sink or in the pantry and would sort of squeeze out onto the floor when the storage bin became too full. Using reusable paper or canvas totes would help cut that down.

5. Shop in style

Apart from all the other reasons to BYOB, there’s no denying that a cute canvas tote looks way better than a horrible plastic bag!

If you’re planning on switching to reusable bags, don’t throw the plastic ones out! You can always recycle them in many ways. Stay tuned for our next post on ways to recycle plastic bags!




Photos from Guus Baggermans on UnsplashLetters to the Next President, Pinterest and NRDC


One thought on “5 Reasons to BYOB

  1. Ever since I moved to Kuwait, the amount of plastic bags used here is been a nightmare to me. Many a times I have insisted the shopkeepers to dump everything in one bag rather than giving one bag for each product that you buy; however many of them don’t get the point!
    Also the awareness on the hazards of plastics is very very less here. It’s so good to see your blog and the initiative.
    Hope soon the government implements strict regulations on the use of plastic bags in Kuwait.

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